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Daily Diet of Certain Celebrities

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu is a beautiful actress who was once criticized by tabloids for having weight problems:
"The whole thing started some years back when I saw a tabloid headline saying how fat I was. That was a wakeup call, and since then I have tried to eat right and keep a check on my weight."

Here is Bipasha Basu's typical daily diet:

Meal 1:
Tea, almonds soaked overnight, and warm water.

Meal 2:
Egg whites, mushrooms, toast with porridge, skimmed milk and fruit.

Meal 3:
Green Vegetables, dal, grilled chicken or fish, salad, two soya chapatis and strictly no rice.
Dal is a dish made from Lentils, peas or beans.

Meal 4: Bipasha Basu
Tea with digestive biscuits.
     These...... are digestive biscuits:
Yum Yum!
Bipasha; you really know how to live!

Meal 5:
Dal, salad, 3 vegetables cooked in olive oil, grileed fish or chicken, and a miniscule dessert.

Bipasha exercises 6 days a week for less than an hour, and uses a split routine that emphasises muscle groups each day.

Research for this article was provided with permission by Fitness and

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