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Body Fat Percentage Calculator
Celebrity Diet Plans
Practical 'Weight-loss' Tips
The Santa Claus Diet

ABCs of Building Muscle
Basic Weightlifting Tips
How to develop a beer belly!
How to develop a six-pack!
Training Plans for Running Events

Confessions of an Ectomorph!*
Killer Lifestyles*
Reverse the Signs of Aging*
Should Men Shave Their Chest?

* Articles marked with an asterisk are still in process.

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eat every three hours .com
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Dave Draper Online
Dave Draper aka The Blonde Bomber!

Dave Draper's site provides an immense wealth of information and ecouragement. I have used his products, and I highly recommend them.

Fitness Centers in Columbus

Find your local fitness center in Columbus, Ohio.

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

This site offers ADP/ACP testing online. Upload your payroll data and run the tests in seconds!
Don't wait till next year to find out your officers are over-withholding. Test your plan now while you have time to do something about it.

Projected Financial
Projected Financial

Enter financial data and assumptions, and get Projected Financials instantly:
  • Monthly Projections for the first year, and annual statements for the next 2 years.
  • Easily change assumptions or update the projection with actual activity. Projected numbers are recalulated instantly!
  • There are several templates available, from a projected income statement to a full set of projected financials including a Direct-Method Cash Flow Statement, ratios, and an Altman's Z-Score!
There isn't a better, more sophisticated, more affordable projection anywhere!


Doctors in Columbus

Find your local Doctor in Columbus, Ohio.

Integrated Senior Solutions
Individual, Senior, and Small Biz Solutions

Office Space in Columbus
Find furnished, temporary or conventional office space in Columbus and Ohio's primary business locations.

Orphan World Relief
Orphan World Relief

Children Need You.

Small Business Loans
Find funds fast with small business loans that can provide funding in as little as seven days from business loan experts.

Why Pay A Machine? aka YPAM
Arts-n-crafts, book binding, book repair, and instructional videos.