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Tony Gruber:

Tony is a CPA who serves the small business community in Central Ohio. He is the founder of Viser Business Tools,, and
My one and only Powerlifting experience was more than mere words could express.
May 3, 2003: My first and last Powerlifting contest. I'm the tall guy in the back row (white t-shirt), behind the big check. This was a great experience:
  • Here's my favorite quote from that day, maybe for the year!
    A couple guys thought there would be lots of women there (Oh yea! Chicks dig Powerlifters!). So they were talking back-stage about how girls will be hanging all over them after the competition. Another guy mentioned that he brought his girlfriend, and they started teasing him and telling him what a bad idea that was:
    "Dude! You shouldn't have brought your girl-friend here.
    That's like bringing sand to the Beach!"

    These guys were really disappointed when they found out the audience was full of high-school boys and other powerlifters!
  • There were lots of nationally ranked pros there! About 50 guys competed.
  • I got to meet Louie Simmons of WestSide Barbell fame.
  • The guy in the blue shirt won 1st place overall with a 715 bench in the 220 weight class - The big check was for $1,000!
  • I dropped from 265 to 235 to get in the 242 weight class. Overshot by 7 lbs 'cause the scale at my gym was off - Oops!
  • I wore a single-ply bench shirt, but it LOWERED my max by 40 pounds. Bench shirts aren't magic! You have to train with them, and train for them. I learned that the hard way!
  • One contestant got into powerlifting to keep her rehab interesting. She benched 100 lbs that day! Better still: The rehab got her out of a wheel chair and into braces and crutches!
  • There was no predictable correlation between size and strength! I've known this concept for years theoretically, but it was of amazing to see it in action!
I think every lifter should enter a contest for the experience, and to give serious powerlifters someone to beat!