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Body Fat Percentage Calculator
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Basic Weightlifting Tips
How to develop a beer belly!
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Confessions of an Ectomorph!*
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Use our Body-Fat Calculator in Your Program, or to Promote Your Web-site.

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Use our Body-Fat Calculator to Support Your Cause

Our body-fat percentage calculator will draw traffic to your site &/or dramatically improve results in your wellness program.

Let us build a Wellness Program for your company.

Purchase the Body-Fat Calculator.

        Click Here for Details.

Add our Body-Fat Calculator to your web-site.

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Does Your Company Need a Wellness Program?

We can set up a Corporate Wellness Program that will lower your Health costs and almost guarantee your employees' success. Your new wellness program can include the following features and much more!
  • Keep track of your employees goals, progress, and earned awards.
  • We can help ensure that fitness records are securely stored online, and in compliance with HIPPA.
  • Employees can receive customized text messages to help them stay on track with diet and fitness objectives.
  • We'll use the body-fat % calculator so results can be measured objectively, quickly, and accurately.
  • A wellness program can save $5,000 a year for each employee with obesity-related illnesses. Make sure your wellness program uses tools that encourages healthy activity.
    Contact us at Your Earliest Convenience to Set Up a Wellness Program.

    Purchase our Calculator for Your Existing Wellness Program,
    or Add it to Your Site to Increase Traffic.

    Our Body-fat calculator is flexible, fast, user-friendly, and accurate. You'd have to be dunked in a tank to get a more accurate reading!

    You can either purchase the intire program, or purchase an I-frame link. If you purchase the program, you have the option of changing colors, layout, design, etc.. The I-frame is a less expensive option and, if your backgound color is white, the I-frame will be virtually un-detectable. Either option will make you look very tech-savvy!
    Click Here to Purchase a Body-Fat Percentage Calculator.

    Why use Body-Fat Percentage for Wellness Programs,
    Instead of Body-Weight or BMI?

    If you use BMI or body-weight, you'll discourage new members: BF% is much more encouraging and accurate; that will result in better results and lower health costs.

    If members use strength training as part of their fitness routine, they will likely gain weight in the first 2 months, especially beginners.
    Their muscles will volumize (retain water),
    they will quickly grow in strength and size, and
    the client will lose some fat around their middle.

    Here's a likely result after 2 mos, if a client is extremely successful:
  • 10 lbs of water volumization in the newly used muscles.
  • 10 lbs of actual muscle growth.
  • 10 lbs of fat loss.
  • A net gain of 10 lbs will be very discouraging if you measure results using BMI or a simple scale. You could lose the client; people often quit after the first few weeks of a training program.

    In the example above, the client made fantastic progress! and they should be given objective evidence of that success. Our body-fat percentage calculator will help you turn them into a life-long fitness fanatic! Again; if you're using the scale, or BMI, you could discourage them from ever coming to the gym again.

    If you focus on simple and effective training principles, and if you use our assessment tools, you can change the world! At the very least, you can dramatically reduce your company's Health Insurance costs.

    Contact us to Set Up a Wellness Program for Your Company.

    Click Here to Purchase a Body-Fat Percentage Calculator Online.

    Click Here to Return to the Top of the Page.

    We wish you every success as you work to achieve your business goals!

    "Never give up! Never give up! Never, ever give up!"
    Winston Churchill